About Linus Medical

Linus Medical is based in all 3 Baltic countries and is  dealing with medical devices sales, distribution and marketing in Baltic region. Our company is committed to business practices that contribute to strong communities, a healthy environment and economic prosperity for both today and tommorrow.

Linus Medical  has established 3 legal entities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with dedicated professionals in each country who have been involved in medical devices sales and  marketing for many successful years.

Main focus of Linus Medical activities is  sales and marketing of medical devices in all 3 Baltic countries. Linus Medical Baltic central warehouse supplies directly wholesalers and other different institutions with high quality products all over Baltic countries.

Linus Medical institutional customers are Baltic wholesalers, Sick-Funds, Pharmacies and Hospitals. We are working on day to day basis with different customer groups in all 3 Baltic markets: GPs, Family Doctors, Surgeons, Dermatologists, Oncologists, Pharmacists, Clinical and Ambulatory Nurses, Homecare Nurses etc.

In partnership with ConvaTec

Linus Medical is an exclusive distributor and marketing agent of ConvaTec products in Baltic markets.

"ConvaTec is guided by insight, driven by compassion and insiperd by the healthcare proffesionals and patients who rely on our products. ConvaTec has been a global leader in the field of wound therapeutics and ostomy care for more than 30 years. Because of our dedication to innovation and our deeply committed staff we are giving the people who use our products now and in future generations, a healthier life."