Ostomy Care

Linus Medical is marketing a broad range of leading ConvaTec  Ostomy Care brands in the Baltic region: Esteem® +, Esteem synergy® and Natura™ + ostomy systems, Stomahesive® and Durahesive® adhesives, ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers, ConvaTec Little Ones® products for children with ostomy. These brands have been available in Baltic markets already for several years and all our customers – medical professionals and ostomates are very satisfied with these products that provide increased comfort, safety and confidence.


ConvaTec Ostomy Care™

Over 30 years ago, ConvaTec began with a clear focus and a single missions- to improve the lives of patients whose needs we meet.

The creativity that drove company to envision and develop the world‘s first two-piece disposable ostomy pouching system in 1978 – giving thousands of patients a renewed sense of dignity and freedom – are still  very much a part of our culture and environment. Today ConvaTec mission remains the same – to create innovate healthcare solutions for better patient outcomes.

For ostomy patients, security and comfort along with an unobtrusive profile for greater discretion, are paramount.  The Natura™ + two-piece ostomy system addresses these needs. This ostomy system utilizes ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers, which are designed to be more comfortable and customized solution.  Stomahesive® and Durahesive® have become  the gold standard adhesives for comfort and convenience, trusted and relied upon by patients and caregivers alike.

The Esteem synergy® ostomy system employs Adhesive Coupling Technology™, which seals the pouch to the skin barrier without the need for plastic rings. Skin barriers made using ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ are also available for Esteem synergy® ostomy system, making this truly advanced option.

The Esteem® + one-piece ostomy system, that is simplified ostomy pouch that do not need wafers – the brand that gives comfort and simplicity in one.

ConvaTec also provides ostomy products for children with ostomy – the ConvaTec Little Ones® two piece and one piece system  products. Accessories for ostomates and skin care products including Stomahesive® can provides additional support in every situation.